Did you receive a collection notice?

Here are a few tips on what to do next. Don’t get angry. Your account came to us from someone who values your business. However, just as you depend on an income to pay rent, purchase groceries and other necessities, those who extend credit must have payment for their goods and services in order to pay their bills and remain in business.

Instead of being asked to pay cash, you were given credit, and your account remains unpaid. Now it’s time to find a solution.

Contact us. If you believe you don’t owe this bill, let us know.  If you do owe it, let us know when payment can be expected, and if you’re unable to pay in full, tell us why.

Failure to contact us can imply that you’re evading a just debt. Whatever the reason for nonpayment in the past, the matter can’t be resolved if you don’t contact us.

Let us help.  While collecting past due accounts is our business, helping people solve their financial problems in our commitment. People on our staff are experienced in credit and collections and are able to assist you if you let them.

Your account being listed with a collection service could prevent you from obtaining credit elsewhere when you need it. With our help, you could establish or maintain a favorable credit reputation.

You should understand the collection notice is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.